Things Book Readers DO NOT Want You To Know – From The Mind Of A Pseudo-Reader

Whether you read or you don't, it's always nice to get an insight about things. However, there is one thing that even those who do not read can relate to!

My middle class mother.

Married at the age of 20, out of choice. Converted to the religion of my father, out of love. Birthed my sibling and I, out of care. Nurtured us into beautiful men, out of sense of responsibility. This is my mother. These are all of our mothers. God couldn't be everywhere so He created mothers.… Continue reading My middle class mother.

My daily “unhappy” routine and why I am not a fan of self-help books!

Everyday the same mundane routine followed by a lethargic endeavour I call work. Hop in for a ride and explore my views on self-help books.

Summer, Childhood memories and Praise at my workplace. Time for a book recommendation!

Reminiscence is a stone-cold b***h. It reminds you of your glorious past and the people in it as you are fully aware that none of it is coming back.

Self-Forgiveness for Healing and Productivity : Learn how to forgive yourself and others!

Do you find it impossible to forgive yourself? Has the guilt stopped you from being productive? Do as the heavens have done. Forget your evil and with them forgive yourself.William Shakespeare These skyscrapers have blocked what would have been a magnificent goodbye! I'll get to the topic of concern shortly. I wanted to ask you… Continue reading Self-Forgiveness for Healing and Productivity : Learn how to forgive yourself and others!

Mid-week summer blues and COVID!

Imagine, you are in a local train, amongst a sea of passengers, you've no idea of their whereabouts. And then you come across these imbeciles that want to jeopardise the entire community with their masks on their chin. They sneeze, cough, yawn, chew and spit tobacco (i don't know how dumb can one get) and… Continue reading Mid-week summer blues and COVID!

I didn’t expect my day to end like this!

Have you ever been in a situation which starts off on a high but with time keeps on hitting new levels of low? I mean, you must have. That's exactly how my day went. I was in a happy mood. I wore the outfit of my choice. A traditional white kurta with black trousers. I… Continue reading I didn’t expect my day to end like this!

Dire need of a Diary?

Would you give a penny to the thoughts of a 25 year old Physiotherapist from the streets of Suburban Mumbai? Of course,you would want to know what would the thoughts comprise of. Let me assure you that they will be nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, my aim is to keep my blogs as… Continue reading Dire need of a Diary?