3 AM Conversation With Myself.

Recently, for the first time in my life, someone was advised to stay away from me citing me as a bad influence. I am well aware of it. But when it was confirmed by a third party, I was shattered. My friends tell me following my desires isn't a sin. My religion says otherwise. Which… Continue reading 3 AM Conversation With Myself.

What Have I Been Upto?

Honestly, not much. You might have noticed the complete absence of content. Neither here, nor on my Instagram. What baffles me is the absence of a concrete reason for this apparent sabbatical. It's not you, it's me! Maybe it was the lack of ideas. Maybe lack of motivation. Maybe it was the complete disregard for… Continue reading What Have I Been Upto?

Mistakes People Make In Everyday Life

This could probably be one of mine. Anyway, let's get to it. Waking on the wrong side of the bed We all want to wake up with the smell of bacon filling the air but most of us, end up with our foot on Foreman's grill ( you need to have watched The Office to… Continue reading Mistakes People Make In Everyday Life

Reasons Why You Should Read A Newspaper in 2021

For a country like ours, where more than a billion exist, curating correct news is a task. Inspite of that, newspapers do a fair job in this department. Not convinced? Read on to know more.

Sitcoms You Should Be Watching In 2021!

Are you tired of watching reruns of The Office, FRIENDS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine? For those who'd love to explore the genre more, I have handpicked the BEST sitcoms for you to start watching! In my opinion, of course, and also in the opinions of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes! Schitt's Creek ( Netflix ) Pun intended. Created… Continue reading Sitcoms You Should Be Watching In 2021!

A Life Hack, A View On God, And A Wannabe Influencer! Q&A Time!

I answer a few questions that my readers asked me! One of them is quite controversial!! Click on to read more.

Things Book Readers DO NOT Want You To Know – From The Mind Of A Pseudo-Reader

Whether you read or you don't, it's always nice to get an insight about things. However, there is one thing that even those who do not read can relate to!